Property Management

Choosing Elders is choosing success

If you are looking for Property Management then consider this:
At Elders Nicoll & Ireland, our aim is to maximise the long term return on your investment. We do this by guaranteeing you a new
level of service that delivers:

1. Secure rental returns
2  Effective advertising and exposure
3. Rigorous selection process of reliable tenants
4. Consistent monitoring and maintenance of property
5. Competitive fees with extensive services
6. Thorough and accessible documentation
7. Compliance with increasingly complex rules and regulations
8. The famous Elders brand name.

Secure rentals with peace of mind

There is a complex mass of consumer and trade practices legislation and regulations that apply to property management. Penalties can apply if mistakes are made. Dealing with it all is best left to experts, leaving you to collect the rent and get on with the rest of your life. At Elders Nicoll & Ireland nothing is left to chance and you are always fully informed.

It works like this:

Tenant selection
Elders Nicoll & Ireland operates under strict protocol for selecting tenants and at the same time we always considers the Residential Tenancy Act, Discrimination and Privacy Acts. All tenants are required to provide a complete application for tenancy and thorough checks are then made
with the relevant referees.

Complete Documentation
Elders Nicoll & Ireland maintains complete documentation on all properties managed. This includes condition reports, bond forms and tenancy agreements – indeed anything relating to your property is documented, filed and available for your reference at any time.

Financial Management
At Elders Nicoll & Ireland, all rent monies collected on your behalf are deposited directly into the office’strust account. From these monies, you may decide to pay certain costs related to your investment property, including rates as an example. Your net rent is then remitted to you, together with a comprehensive statement of all transactions that have occurred within the period.

Maintenance and Repairs
As part of our service, we can arrange on your behalf any repairs and maintenance that may be required for your property. We use only licensed tradespeople in accordance with the management agreement. Naturally, a record is kept of all work and costs. Remember – all costs associated with managing an investment property are tax deductible for the owner!

Elders Nicoll & Ireland offer Multi-Service Solutions
There is more to Elders Nicoll & Ireland than real estate. You can access the following services and the benefits that come with them if you choose Elders to manage your property.

Elders Insurance
Your particular insurance needs can be met by Elders Insurance. Elders offer a complete insurance service, this includes comprehensive landlord insurance, house and/or contents as well as your personal insurance requirements.

Elders Finance
Elders Mortgage Services is available to both owner occupiers and investors for just about any type of real estate investment. Over 400 different financial products from the major banking and mortgage companies are sorted through to provide you with the ideal deal.

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